Top Sedation Dentist in Los Angeles is the Answer to Your Dental Fears

We have a highly trained and skilled team, ready to assist you no matter what difficulties may be standing in the way of you or your loved one receiving the dental care you need. Liseth

Has your anxiety regarding dental work kept you from getting the necessary treatment for painful or serious dental problems?
Has a past painful experience with a dentist kept you from going back?

Kenneth K. Lee Total Sleep Dentistry Los Angeles California

Kenneth K Lee Total Sleep Dentistry will change your mind about dental offices and give you a new outlook on dentistry. We are committed to giving every patient a stress free and pain free dental environment. Our practice is very unique. We have specialized in caring for those patients that want or need sedation and total sleep general anesthesia for over 25 years. In fact, almost all of our patients desire sedation and or total sleep general anesthesia for their dental treatment . We remove the barriers so that you can wake up to a healthy, beautiful new smile, often in as little as one appointment. Here are some reasons we are different than any other office providing sedation services for dentistry

All of your dental treatment performed under total sleep general anesthesia is done in a licensed accredited surgery center. This means that there are an infinite number of safety and emergency protocols in place to provide the safest patient experience possible. Fire rated operating rooms, advanced anesthesia patient monitors, the highest level of sterilization standards, emergency backup electrical systems and quality controlled anesthesia drugs and techniques allow us to provide the highest level of patient care possible. Solis surgical Arts Center is a first of its kind licensed surgery center dedicated to the special needs of patients having dental treatment performed under total sleep general anesthesia. You wouldn’t have anesthesia for surgery on any other part of your body done at your general physicians office, why would you have dental surgery under anesthesia performed in a regular dental office?

Education and Training:
Dr. Lee is a dentist and also an anesthesiologist. He is one of only .01% of all dentists that have done a residency in anesthesiology. He holds faculty appointments at two highly acclaimed University based dental schools in the field of dental anesthesiology, University of Southern California (USC)and New York University (NYU). In fact, he has trained hundreds of dental residents, dentists, dental students in the field of dental anesthesiology. His staff of dental anesteshiologists uphold the highest standards that he has set.

With over 25 years of experience in comprehensive full mouth dental restoration on total sleep patients, Dr. Lee can take care of all of your dental need under one roof. He graduated from dental school with awards in full mouth restorations and has completed thousands of hours of additional continuing education to advance his knowledge and skill in implant dentistry including immediate implant placement and all on 4, LANAP painless laser gum surgery, Invisalign, dental sleep medicine for the treatment of sleep apmea , cosmetic and esthetic dentistry and full mouth comprehensive dental restorations. He is exceptionally qualified to handle all of your treatment under total sleep general anesthesia.

Compassion and Caring:
All the education and training are worthless, if there is no caring and understanding of your personal dental needs.
Every patient that we meet at our consultation feels like they have the absolute worst dental condition. We understand your anxiety and fears, and will never make you feel ashamed of your physical, emotional or dental condition. We are the most caring and compassionate group of dental professionals you will ever meet. Click here to see reviews of our office. And with over 25 years and thousands of patients treated under total sleep dentistry we have the knowledge and experience to insure that you have the most stress free and pain free experience possible. Click here to learn more about Dr. Lee’s qualifications. With Dr. Lee’s experience and training, all of your dental work is done right here. We are the only licensed surgery center in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties that is solely dedicated to the care of your dental needs under anesthesia. We also have an entire staff trained to support the unique needs of the phobic and special needs patients. We listen to and understand your fears and problems from the moment you walk in the door.

When you wake up with a brand new smile, you will that you are back on track to restore your dental health, with your brand new pain free smile. The confidence and assurance that accompanies great dental health and a beautiful smile are essential ingredients to living a better healthier life. Here are some basic reasons for evaluating the differences you will experience when choosing Total Sleep Dentistry in Los Angeles for all you dental needs:

  • Fear and anxiety eliminated
  • Complete relaxation during your procedure
  • No more bad dental experiences
  • Caring, compassionate and attentive professionals
  • The best sedation services in the dental industry
  • Sleep through your dental visit and have no memory of the experience
  • Have all dental work completed in one day without pain or discomfort
  • Have your individual needs and circumstances taken care of
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All-in-One Dental Practice

Total Sleep Dentistry in Los Angeles is a complete solution for all your dental needs. No matter what dental work that you are in need of, we have the ability to provide you with every dental procedure under one roof, often in a single visit. The patient experience begins with a comprehensive consultation where we will evaluate your medical and dental history as well as your dental needs and desires. We provide every person an individualized treatment plan that caters to your specific set of circumstances. Our friendly and caring dental professionals will make sure that every concern is addresses in order to give you the best dental care possible. When it comes to dentistry with total sleep general anesthesia you can be certain that you are in great hands with Dr. Kenneth K. Lee who is the best dentist in Los Angeles. Don’t wait any longer to have your sedation consultation, please call us at 818-875-0442 to make your appointment today.
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