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AMEN! I finally found a dentist

Why I am writing this review....BECAUSE HE IS AWESOME AND HIS TEAM... IS FANTASTIC.... 1. The team is very professional, from start to finish of the dental work on my husband was amazing.... This was my husband's first time and he needed a lot of work ASAP. Dr. Lee and his team worked so diligently and professionally... i have never seen such team work.... Both my husband and I are HAVE A PHOBIA.... of dentistry... if all of you know what I mean.... 2. He has the State Of The Line.... equipment.. OMG..... 3. FYI he and his team also perform dental work with population that are physically and Intellectually Disabled... OMG DO ANY OF YOU OUT THERE KNOW HOW CHALLENGING THIS IS....... 4. I have to give a big Shout Out To Liz..... you have such a kind heart and passionate with what you do.... Thank-You for Being You.... I am definitely going to sing the praise of the LA Sleep Dentistry. AMEN-AMEN... In Closing if anyone is looking for a Dentist, with people skills, active listening skills and also a given very knowledgeable, please don't hesitate, believe this or not I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO HAVE DR. LEE TO LOOK INSIDE OF MY MOUTH...soon... to see if i can get my smile back........
- Maria S.

Full Restoration

Dr. Lee is the best dentist hands down! For a period about two years he did a full mouth restoration on myself. I had multiple dental implants done, including the bone grafting, and several steps to get the best results. I had old crowns replaced to all white, and old fillings removed and new white ones put in. The best part is I was able to sleep though all of it! I am a huge dental chicken, and have been a pain in the butt patient over the years at other dentist. I fought, bit, snuck out in the middle of a procedure. When I was told about Dr. Lee a few years ago it changed my life for the better, and I am able to walk in their office and know I am in good hands with their entire staff. I am still very terrified, but they are so kind and patient. They talk you through everything while you are getting X-rays, consultations, and right through your IV sedation, so you drift off into a easy sleep while they do they work. If you are looking for a dentist/dental team, I highly recommend them and their staff. Dr. Lee and Gottchalks do very high end and the best quality dental you will find anywhere. The office is very nice, staff is friendly, and very accommodating to make you feel at ease. If I could give them 10 stars I would! They will be my dentist for life, or until they retire which I hope is not anytime soon!
- Alison F.

7 Extractions - Painless!

Just had 7 extractions and they made it the most painless ordeal. The aftercare was way worse, luckily the team at LA Sleep Dentist/Solis was so comforting and available, it was easy to call just to talk about what I was going through. The team they have is most professional and they all give a damn! Dr. Lee is so easy and friendly, all fears gone! I was coming here just to have the sleep dentistry, but now my family is going to start coming here as well for regular cleaning.
- Heidi B.
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Glen S., Los Angeles, CA

IT SIMPLY DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER than Kenneth Lee, DDS at Total Sleep Dentistry in Tarzana, California. From their state of the art facilities to the unexpectedly high level of compassionate care, I was blown away and impressed beyond my expectations.

I can drive race cars at 185mph with no fear, but I am one of the biggest scaredy-cats you’ll meet when it comes to dental care. This has resulted in an oral health crisis described by many dentists as “critical”. My oral health had gotten to the point of causing stomach infections, which made my life miserable for a number of years. My fear, like many others, manifests itself in physical discomfort and panic attacks making it almost impossible to sit through even a simple cleaning. The staff did everything to easy my discomfort and at no time, even with me in tears, made me feel like less of a man or a wimp in any way. They made me feel safe and cared for. Liz, the office coordinator, is the most compassionate woman I’ve ever met and was always available to explain things I didn’t understand, put my mind at ease and just be there to hold my hand and tell me everything is going to be Ok. From the simplest task of having x-rays taken to the actual procedures, they had my comfort, best interest and health in mind. After a year of procedures I can honestly say my oral health is better than it’s ever been. I can smile again with confidence. I can eat without pain, but most important – I can brush my teeth again and I enjoy it, actually looking forward to brushings. I love the crisp clean feeling in my mouth and the compliments I’m getting on my new smile are great for my ego.

If you’re even reading this review you’re considering a consultation with Dr. Lee. Rest assured I was just as sceptical as you and in complete terror at the thought of doing this. Make no mistake, this is the best thing I have ever done for myself and am 100% satisfied. Dr. Lee does not run an “Implant Factory” offering implants and cosmetic services at rock bottom prices. Dr. Lee runs an office specializing in Compassionate Care for patients with special needs and the end results speak for themselves. I now look forward to having work done by Dr. Lee because I know it won’t be the nightmare I’ve envisioned.

As a side note, ZERO pain during my procedures, very minimal if nonexistent discomfort during recovery and follow up calls to check on how I’m feeling. Wow, totally unexpected!!!

I will forever have a warm place in my heart for everyone at Dr. Lee’s office, but Liz is my personal angel and I will never be able to thank her enough. You rock Liz!!!!!

This was the best dental experience I have ever had in my entire life. EVER.

1. Out cold, didn’t feel a thing!

2. NO nausea after anesthesia, which has not been the case other times in my life when I had to have it. Clearly their anesthesiologist is an expert who gets it exactly right.

3. Every single person there is nice. If you have admittedly neglected your dental work out of fear, this is the only place where NO lecture was given. Not a single word. They were about fixing the problem, not shaming me for it. This alone would be enough to make me give them 5 stars.

4. And it’s CLEAN! You don’t walk in and go uh-oh I’m not sure this looks safe. It is spotless.

5. They provide dental care to the disabled which a lot of dentists won’t. So they are morally and ethically wonderful, as well.

I can honestly say that as long as they are in business, I will not be scared to go to the dentist anymore. And I am a 46 year old woman who has been terrified my entire life and avoided it like the plague as an adult, with predictable results. If you are an avoider like me, give them a shot – you won’t believe the difference. It is like night and day. It’s dental care that feels helpful, not like you got captured by the enemy and are being tortured to try to make you talk!

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Cathleen A., Los Angeles, CA

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Anne H., Los Angeles, CA

If you have read my others reviews, you will note that I hate going to any doctor or dentist. Last year, it became apparent that at age 29, I needed to get my wisdom teeth out. Go figure- who would have thought at age 29?! Since just the smell of a dental office and normal cleaning makes for a bad day, I knew I needed to make a plan. A lot of dentists advertise themselves as “sleep dentists,” but they just give you pills that don’t work that well. I knew that I wanted a completely needle-free and unconscious experience for the procedure. I went to see Dr. Lee. First, his staff are great. They reassure you constantly. I went for the consult and determined that he was going to be able to meet all my requirements. They gave me medication to take the morning of the procedure (so you don’t chicken out and actually show up). The medication is strong, and you will walk around happily complying. They will then give you inhalation anesthesia (this is to avoid having to place an IV while you are awake). Once you are unconscious, they will place the IV. The surgery went great. I had no swelling (thank goodness), controllable pain, no bleeding, and woke up feeling pretty good (just sleepy). If you hate needles, they will have already removed the IV by the time you wake up. I should also add that once you get used t going, this dentist is quite talented at anything cosmetic you could want.

I HATE going to the dentist. Saw there billboard ad and website and called the office for an appointment. The office manager , Liz was friendly and answered all my questions. I canceled and rescheduled several times sue to my fear level, but they were always courteous and understanding.
I finally went to my appointment for the consultation. Due to the extent of my work, it took two appointments to diagnose and discuss what all my options were and the prices.It was very straightforward. I actually liked it this way because the first appointment I was soooo scared, I would not have heard anything they said.
My treatment involved comprehensive treatment, Taking teeth our, crowns and implants. I have had a few visits with them to say the least.

1. The place is CLEAN, comfortable and state of the ART! Very warm feeling reception and treatment rooms.

2. Office staff is WONDERFUL!!!!! Friendly, comforting and understanding. My impression is that MOST of their patients are asleep for their dentistry. All the assistants and nurses were very kind and friendly.

3. Dr. Lee explained everything in detail in terms of my dental treatment. Gave me all the options.Understood that I was scared and didn’t make me feel embarrassed.Reassured me that many of his patients were just like me. What a relief!!
His office manager, Liz goes over all the prices and insurance , appointments, instructions and payment options. She was so comforting. She took the time to explain everything to me and understood that I really don’t like being in dental offices.

4. Anesthesia was great.I wanted to be totally asleep, not just twilight and they delivered, No nausea, afterwards, don’t remember anything and after every appointment there was minimal discomfort. GREAT way to have dentistry done!!
And now I have a beautiful new smile!!

5. This is a special place, compassionate, caring and ethical. They see many patients with special needs and disabilities that I am sure take extra TLC.

6. The fees are not the cheap, but not the most expensive either. But if you are looking for quality and compassionate treatment, they can’t be beat.

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Ken F., Thousand Oaks, CA

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Joanna M., Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth K. Lee, DDS has been my dentist for 30 years now. I came to him when my long-time dentist could not get my tooth numb to work on it. Dr. Lee tried every combination of medication, before it was determined that I HAD to be sedated in order to receive dental care. Dr. Lee has been incredibly supportive, kind, soft-spoken, gentle and caring with me each and every time. His staff is absolutely A+. Everyone there shows true professionalism, yet, they make you feel like you are their own family at the same time. My 90 year old mother has left her dentist of many years to come to see Dr. Lee as well as my husband. I tell everyone I know about this wonderful doctor and his team. We drive up from Irvine, California to Tarzana – can’t imagine going to anyone else!!!!!

As I faced the dilemna of losing all my top teeth and replacing them with dentures, I was very upset … not at losing my teeth and getting dentures … but at the pain that I knew I would experience with a mass extraction. But when I Iooked into Dr. Lee’s procedures and heard a few testimonials, I decided to take a chance and went to see him … and I’m glad I did! Dr. Lee extracted my teeth … and thanks to his “sleep dentistry” and his skill, I made it through very easily WITHOUT FEELING ANY PAIN! At this point, I’ve been without my top teeth for about 3 weeks with no pain or funky side-effects and I’m having my “new teeth” fitted in a couple of days… Once again, kudos to Dr. Lee, Liz and the entire staff for their outstanding work. They provided me with comfort, skill, and most importantly, a new life. Mahalo!
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Charles K., Winnetka, CA