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Cosmetic dentistry at Kenneth K. Lee Total Sleep Dentistry will provide positive, lasting results improving both your appearance and your oral health.

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Kenneth K. Lee Total Sleep Dentistry has been able to help numerous patients attain the winning smiles they’ve always visualized having. Life gives us many reasons to smile, but some individuals feel they have to keep their smile hidden, embarrassed by the appearance of their teeth. Fortunately for them, cosmetic services, such as porcelain veneers or teeth whitening, make it possible for these individuals to restore confidence in their smile once again. 'Cosmetic Dentistry' is an overall term describing any procedure that will enhance the appearance of your teeth, gums and smile. Many people in today’s society are trying to make improvements to their appearance. With our modern techniques and equipment, it is possible to restore the look and functionality of broken, decayed, discolored or misaligned teeth. Dr. Lee has many years of experience in color-matching, shading and shaping teeth to create the smile that is just right for you. Through sedation dentistry, we are able to make cosmetic dentistry a reality for those with dental phobias, gag reflexes and other special circumstances.
I look forward to coming here and taking my nap. Dr. Lee’s been wonderful and he fixed all my problems. I couldn’t be happier with him!Laura Merritt, Encino, CA

  • The best alternative to a ‘metal mouth’ is Invisalign. It is the ‘Clear’ alternative to braces and the invisible way to straighten your teeth. Invisalign is comprised of a series of custom-made clear trays that gradually move your teeth into a desired position.

  • If you find your smile riddled with uneven, chipped or discolored teeth, veneers may be the perfect answer for you. Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the fronts of your natural teeth and are better able to correct more extensive imperfections than tooth bonding. They are also highly resistant to staining and discoloration.

  • Chemicals in foods, beverages, and tobacco can damage the color of your natural teeth. Aging and some medications may also cause unsightly stains on your tooth enamel. Teeth whitening can refresh and brighten your smile. We offer in-office treatment that will allow you to walk out with a lighter and brighter smile. We also offer take-home trays that have proven successful for our patients.

  • Feeling self-conscious about a missing tooth? A dental implant places an artificial root that will be used to support a dental restoration such as a crown and will prevent jaw bone loss or other dental health issues caused by a missing tooth.

  • Dental crowns protect teeth and restore the functionality of damaged, cracked or excessively decayed teeth. This is done by encasing the tooth with a custom lab designed porcelain material that will look and acts like a normal tooth.

  • A dental bridge can be used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Gaps between teeth can cause a variety of problems such as bone loss, shifting teeth or gum disease. It is important to fill breaches between teeth and a bridge is one way to achieve that.

  • In the past, amalgam or silver fillings have been the chosen material to restore decayed teeth. Today, with up-to-date materials, we now have composite or porcelain tooth-colored fillings that will prevent the unsightly ‘metal mouth’ and in return give you a natural looking smile.

  • Gum shaping procedures are typically used in conjunction with porcelain veneers. These treatments are used to help make your teeth look larger, the gum line look symmetrical and reduce the appearance of a ‘gummy smile’.

  • Tooth bonding is an excellent way to repair minor imperfections in your teeth, such as stains and small chips. Bonding material when first applied is a pliable material that can be re-contoured and sculpted for the shape and texture of your surrounding natural teeth. When the perfect look is achieved, Dr. Lee then cures and hardens the material with a high intensity light or a chemical agent that is safe and very long lasting.